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Our range of equipment developed to boost your self-consumption

Heat Pump: optimal comfort by reducing your consumption.

Our range of heat pumps is synonymous with efficiency and comfort

  • Inverter technology allows you to modulate the heating power progressively and precisely

  • Coefficients of Performance (COP) between 4 and 5: you obtain up to 4-5 times more thermal energy than the electrical energy consumed.

  • Designed to operate at a low  a sound level (35Db)

Thermodynamic Boiler: hot water economically

Thermodynamic Boiler: hot water instantly available, extremely economically


  • COP Performance Coefficient of 3 to 4: up to 4 times more thermal energy than the electrical energy consumed

Batteries: maximize your self-consumption

Energy storage batteries are essential for storing excess electricity. They make it possible to adapt production and use periods, thus reducing your dependence on the electricity network.

Electric Vehicle Terminal: we help you make the best choice

We install charging stations for electric vehicles, thus contributing to the transition towards more sustainable mobility.

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