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CLIMACY SMART-ROOF, the roof of the future!

Roof and energy source in one

Produce your own electricity for your energy needs, including heating.

Resell excess electricity to your local supplier. With Climacy, your electricity supplier pays your electricity bills each month!

Increase the value of your home.

When a roof renovation, or construction, SMARTROOF saves the cost of purchasing tiles.

Combine the installation of thermal insulation with photovoltaics. Solar revenues and subsidies typically cover the depreciation of the new insulation.

Proof that solar energy can be beautiful

Use the entire roof area to generate electricity, maximizing the benefits of your investment.

Designed in Switzerland, with the most demanding customers in mind. A simple, elegant and modern structure that keeps installation time to a minimum. 

A solution for all types of buildings

Garage Froideville.png

Install the SMART-ROOF on your garage or carport and directly power your electric vehicle.

Install the SMART-ROOF in agricultural and industrial buildings with optional semi-transparent modules that not only generate clean energy, but also allow the diffusion of natural light inside

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